Our fire & waterproof bag will give you peace of mind

Fireproof document bag
fireproof waterproof bag

Store & protect your documents

Our large 17-inch wide bag can protect all of your valuable items such as titles, property deeds, cash, hard drives, photos, legal documents, birth certificates, social security cards, personal records, insurance policies and more.

fireproof document bags

Patent-pending reflective tape design

To increase the safety of your documents, we've developed a patent-pending reflective tape design to help people locate the bag in the dark during an emergency for a fast evacuation.

The fluorescent markings on both sides of the reflective panel, allow you to find the bag easily amongst the debris of a home after an emergency.

double fire protection

Double fire protection

Our bag material is designed to withstand heat and flame of 1,100° F+. We know that you'll be storing critical documents inside the bag, so we developed an internal pocket for double fire protection.

The inner pocket is made from the same material as the fireproof and water-resistant outer layers. It's perfect for storing those important documents that need extra fire protection.

detachable fireproof wallet

Detachable passport or money wallet

Attached to the front of the bag, is a handy fireproof and water-resistant wallet. This wallet is perfect for storing your passports and cash. It even has our signature reflective tape design for maximum visibility at night.

Fireproof and water resistant material

Dual layer material

The outer layer of our bag is made from a liquid silicone coated fireproof cloth. It has been rigorously tested both in the laboratory and in a simulated house fire.

The inner layer is constructed from a PVC coated fibreglass cloth which gives the bag water-resistant qualities to keep your items dry.

Together, these two layers combine to withstand temperatures of 1,100° F + which helps protect your important documents and give you peace of mind.

safe bag

We’ve done the testing

To give you peace of mind, we conducted a house fire simulation  where we exposed the bag to direct flame, radiant heat and water. After being exposed to this harsh environment, our test documents inside the bag survived.

We also conducted an independent vertical burn test on our bag material, and it passed the global flammability standards as set by laboratories in the USA.

important document bag

Product features

• Size: 17" x 12" x 5"
• Includes a 3.5" x 7" detachable fire/waterproof money or passport wallet
• Internal pocket for double fire protection
• Easy to carry via the top handle or hands-free adjustable shoulder strap
• Lightweight
• Protect items within a safe
• Fireproof and water-resistant
• Our bags have been fully tested in a simulated house fire and also passed a global flammability test

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fireproof bag
Alorva fireproof document bags

About Us

Every 24 seconds, a fire department in the United States responds to a fire. As professional firefighters, we've experienced the devastation and loss that can occur.

We decided to create an extra large fireproof bag to allow people to store and protect their important items forever.
Helping people is important to us. We hope that by using our product, you will have peace of mind knowing that your items are safe no matter what emergency may occur.

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